Metals of Interest

Gold, Copper

Size and Location:
The StarGold Property is located south of the town of Chapais and approximately 70 kilometres east of the Windfall gold deposit in NTS Sheet 34H03. The Property consists of 125 claim totalling 7,116.50 hectares.


Access and Infrastructure:
The property is easily accessible by a network of gravel roads from the town of Senneterre located approximately 130 kilometres west. Local infrastructure includes a modern outfitter camp which has proved to be very useful for supporting exploration crews.  

Recent Work:
The property, originally named Aurville, was explored in the late 1990s after the discovery of a high grade 1m angular boulder. A review of available reports indicates that exploration of the property was limited to the boulder area and to a single exploration season (summer/fall of 1998). Work consisted of ground (electro-magnetic) EM, IP, mag, soil and limited till sampling. Regional data is constrained to bottom lake sediment and airborne mag (200m resolution).


The property is of interest due to the high-grade gold content of the boulder, the type of mineralization and the limited exploration work done beyond the boulder area. Anomalous gold in till has also been the focus of past exploration, but further south from the boulder. 


An heliborne EM survey was completed in May 2019 to identify any potential sources of the boulder. Follow-up surface exploration in 2019 have identified several sulphide bearing outcrops that require further work. Many of the EM targets could not be explained, and thus will require further work, including drilling.


Surface work has uncovered a complexe geological system consisting mostly of a mixture of Archean basalts and gneiss.

The main attraction to the area is the presence of a large angular boulder which had yield exceptional gold values of up to 279 g/t Au in a grab samples.




StarGold Property

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